The happy workplace

The Happy Workplace programme is an online experience for the whole company that will increase the happiness and well-being level in the workplace thanks to a set of simple strategies based on deep insights in what makes us (un)happy.

 Increasing happiness levels will avoid stress and discouragement which lead to lower productivity and eventually to lost working days. Happy employees are more productive, creative and collaborative employees, but apart from that it’s just more fun to work in a happy environment.

What We Give



First we need to know what makes us happy or unhappy and why these things make us happy or unhappy.



Knowing is not enough, we need a set of strategies that can increase the happiness level at the workplace.



It’s easy to start using strategies, but it’s difficult to persist without a good follow-up programme.

Sad and Happy Figures

Unhappiness, stress and burn-outs are increasing in recent years, leading to the loss of millions of working days per year. Stress, depression or anxiety account for more than 40 % of all work-related ill health cases and almost 55 % of all working days lost due to ill health.
But there is good news. We can control our happiness level to a very high degree and we do have self-control of a substantial part of our happiness. Happiness can be worked on!
And that is exactly what we are going to do with the Happy Workplace Programme.

The Happy Workplace Programme

This online programme aims both at managers and employees, each with specific modules based on their roles in the company. The participants will enroll in a programme with videos, texts, surveys, quizzes, homework, exercises, tips and tricks. Every new installment will lead the participants step by step towards those happiness strategies that fit best to their personality.

Customised Training

Does your Human Resources team or Senior Leadership team wants to put in place a new programme or enhance an existing programme to increase the happiness or well-being levels or to improve the communication in your company; we help you with a customised training approach, focussing on those points that make your company unique.

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