Rik Gabriëls

Rik Gabriëls

Training and Learning Consultant

In more than twenty years of experience in operations, customer service and training departments in both small and medium-sized businesses as in international companies, I experienced challenging projects, happy moments, I encountered marvellous people and I established long-lasting friendships.

But I also saw in too many occasions frustration, annoyance and unhappiness at the workplace. At first and during a long time I observed it with a certain resignation as if this was an intrinsic part of working, but lately, I wondered “Is there really nothing that can be done about this?”

That’s how I started to investigate, to read articles and books about happiness, to study the subject in-depth. I surfed the internet looking for dedicated and specialised podcasts and web feeds. I enrolled in an online Yale University approved course called “The Science of Well-being” by Dr Laura Santos.

I successfully began to apply the knowledge I had gained about happiness in my daily life. I started giving advice to colleagues and friends and was amazed by the many positive feedback.

That is why I decided to set up this project, a project that wants to bring happiness to the workplace, improve the employee’s well-being and enhance internal communication, or in other words: a Training & Learning experience for a better workplace.

Your happiness is my happiness!

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