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The Happy Workplace Programme is a six-week programme that is divided into what is called Lessons and Topics. Each week has one lesson, except week 2 that has 2 lessons.

All the content of the programme is delivered in video format. The average length of the videos is 3 minutes. The shortest video is 1 min 07 sec long, the longest video is 5 min 30 sec long.

On average you will have to spend 15 minutes per week to go through the content of the Happy Workplace Programme. You are free to choose to view the content in one session or to spread it over the week.

Each week you will get homework, but don’t worry, the homework consists of very simple tasks that will not interfere with your daily routine and it will certainly not take more than 5 minutes of your day.

You can download the homework material for each lesson in the very first topic, called Homework.
I hope you enjoy The Happy Workplace programme!

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