Análisis y planificación

Análisis y planificación


El primer paso en el diseño y desarrollo de un programa de…


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Smart Training

With the “What About Training? method” (WAT Method), we offer an intelligent system that makes the operations training in your company a key factor to improve your customer and employee satisfaction.

Formación turismo sostenible


Sustainable tourism takes place on a scale where small entrepreneurs assume all the professional profiles that affect the success of their business. OTEP is a training platform designed to help these entrepreneurs in their mission.

Learn to train

Apply the WAT Method yourself in your company with our "Learn to Train" training program.

Heritage interpretation


One of the most important motivations for traveling in a responsible and respectful way is the possibility to experience the cultural and natural heritage. Xanxano Guides is our tool to uncover the best of each place and to let the tourist savor it.

Rik Gabriëls

Expert in operations training and documentation with a long experience in companies…

Xandra Troyano Gontá

Historian and digital entrepreneur. The willingness to divulge and conserve the cultural…